The Asshole Award
No crybabies allowed.

This Week's Asshole Award is Proudly Awarded to

Joseph Maturo

The Mayor of East Haven, Connecticut,

Recently, Four East Haven police officers were arrested by the FBI for allegedly unlawful searches and physical abuse of some resident Latinos.  In a filmed January 24, 2012 interview, Mayor Maturo was asked, "What are you doing for the Latino community today?"  His response:  "I might have tacos when I get home."

After watching the full video, it's fairly obvious mayor Maturo isn't the smartest guy on the block and deserved the 2,000 tacos he received in protest of his remarks.

Mayor Maturo needs to pay close attention to the class and competence exhibited by WPIX reporter Mario Diaz during the interview.  




We all know them.  From back-room executives hell-bent on tripling their millions while paying workers three bucks a day, to the politicians pandering out of every orifice. And in recognition of true assholes the world over, we proudly present our Asshole of the Week.

We'll need a little time to get things going, though.  So if you wanna see our opinion of the week's worst assholes, comeback and visit us.